Our creative learning programmes and content empowers girls (11-24), from diverse backgrounds, to create their own culture, rather than be defined by a limiting culture that already exists.


 We teach cultural literacy, creative practice and build character to help girls thrive in a digital-media age.


By working with the best creative professionals in the UK, our resources tap into the commercial culture these girls know and love (advertising, graphic design, illustration, animation, digital & interactive, TV & film, photography). In doing so we open their eyes to the potential they have to become culture-creators and independent meaning-makers.


It goes a little something like this...



We write briefs to agitate and inspire

We invite creative professionals to respond

The responses are drawn from personal and professional experience, highlighting topical content and creative practice

We curate the work and build creative learning programmes and resources (linked to the national curriculum where relevant)

We link learning experiences to tangible opportunities that are available in the creative industries

We deliver these to young girls (11-24), particularly those from low-socio economic backgrounds   

Finally, we return to industry to share learnings, insights and values


To address three problems:


Girls are being defined by a culture that is predominately created by men

The creative industries need a richer mix of female creatives

Women exist in a culture of competition that cannot be won.


The GirlHood wants a culture that is more reflective of real life created by a more diverse workforce.


So, we are creating change from the inside out. We’re bringing current creative practice into the classroom and beyond, to enable girls to harness their creative potential to access personal, social and commercial opportunities.

Girls in the Hood are fearless females, working together, to use creativity to pioneer change.